Monday, September 12, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

03:52:35 PM - @TheNewChrissy I got exited to think you were training for an ultra. Also I can't comment on your post from my phone; will have lots to say
03:54:13 PM - @BodyMediaFIT you didn't give me enough time to tweet why :( I had work meetings. And I wanted one for a friend. To use for ultramarathons
03:55:35 PM - @reedaboutme just reprint it. I always have to reprint. People take small print jobs and never return them.
04:01:40 PM - @wrkngmomscloset I could not handle goof without a computer.
04:08:15 PM - Ok anyone have any suggestions for doctors in cranberry. This one has me in the waiting room 40 minutes a counting just to get a shot!
04:52:58 PM - @BodyMediaFIT oh maybe I did enter then. I just noticed the tweet from an hour or so before the deadline.
08:20:11 PM - I still have to eat dinner. Well also finish my lunch. Not a good day. At least I didn't die exercising too soon after an allergy shot.
09:00:37 PM - I need to eat more food. What should I eat?
11:00:04 PM - @mikecherepko why do you write them by hand?
11:04:00 PM - @BodyMedia I'm here waiting. That random number generator us sure taking a long time

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