Friday, September 16, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:44:42 AM - My @BodyMediaFIT stats from yesterday. If only I had slept enough.
10:25:57 AM - @BodyMediaFIT I stayed up too late watching the season finale of Big Brother.
10:33:39 AM - @BodyMediaFIT I got 97% sleep efficiency last night. I did hit snooze a few times today but it showed I was sleeping constantly at that time
11:08:55 AM - @RestonStyle look what Amazon just delivered (2 of the 4 packages that arrived today)
11:20:33 AM - @RestonStyle I was going to do pink belt with blue pouch and at the last second switched to pink pouch. Then I swapped to blue belt. funny.
03:29:51 PM - On days that I don't work, if I don't workout in the morning it never happens. Also I might not even make it out of my PJs.
09:02:56 PM - oh boy i forgot about the oven. i've been preheating it for awhile.
11:57:09 PM - @lisafilipek I actually thought it was Christmas time too

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