Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:13:44 AM - man am I so tired but I still have many things to organize.
09:29:26 AM - I am only 6 days behind on blogging and only 3 of those days need to be cropped.
11:10:49 AM - Lovely Links: 9/23/11 - via @SallyMcGraw - Amazing Scarf Video
04:16:00 PM - I just went in H&M and the line to pay wrapped around the store so I left (20-30 people)
07:06:21 PM - Oh boy. Just bought 6 things at the limited.
08:12:05 PM - After I ordered, it took me 23 minutes to get my food at Wendy's. So then they asked if I wanted anything else since I waited. I got water.
11:05:12 PM - I'm far too nervous the day before races.
11:05:42 PM - @RestonStyle I bought a purple cardigan today. Then realized it was from the Limited... like that email you sent me. Weird.
11:17:22 PM - @the_littlebit I use swifter. I scrubbed on my hands and knees once then didn't notice much better so used swifter after.
11:20:59 PM - @missylizzylucy good job on your run

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