Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I started the day analyzing data and doing other stuff on my computer. Dave suggested going to this Lake near our house because the local produce store guy sent an email saying how he proposed to his wife there.  Dave never suggested anything so I hurried and got ready to go. 
Well we get there and see some gate blocked off for construction. So we walk up with our tripod and camera only to see the lake is drained.  So much for our good pictures. 

Because Dave was in a good mood he decided to try for pictures at another lake. I suggested North Park or Lake Arther. He said I always go to North Park so he picked Lake Arthur. The trees weren't as pretty as I hoped.
It was right in the middle of the day with all the sun so it was hard to get decent pictures.  It was especially hard to get them without having a camera remote to work with.
These are just a few examples of the pictures we took.  Out of about 30 none came out good. I will do some photo editing and see what happens. The ones above are just cropped. 
Later that night I ran at North Park and all the leaves were still pretty colors and on the trees there so I was sad we didn't go there. Also Dave didn't shave. I told him we need more pictures.
Here I am sporting my head lamp (and my 2 fraud shirts)
Fraud shirt #1 is the outer green one. It is a Pittsburgh marathon shirt and I did not run it (but registerred and got injured so I couldn't)
Fraud shirt #2 is from the gym at work for those running in the marathon.
2 shirts from 1 event that I didn't do.

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