Sunday, October 9, 2011


Pants, Tank, Sweater: Express
Shoes: Mudd (forget which store)
Necklace: Lia Sophia

I haven't worn pants in awhile so I decided to wear some. I thought they were too short when walking. I'd see my reflection. I picked the best pictures above so you couldn't really tell but I just don't like the pant leg hover that you can see in the far left picture.
I went into work on my telecommuting day for a specific meeting. I get to work and get word that I have to cancel it.  How sad. I could have been at home.  I had a lot of other stuff going on so it was good to be at work but still.  I had an extremely busy day even with a 90 minute meeting being cancelled so you would think I would have had tons of extra time.

At work, I burnt my thumb from a chafer when I was getting food.
I got home and had dinner with Dave.  He was upset that I had been ditching him all week for dinner and in the evenings.   I even skipped a workout.  I watched TV with him.  I ate the rest of my birthday cake too.  Dave went to sleep and I decided to watch 1 TV show with him.  I decided to watch Private Practice since I only had one episode of that.  I was going to watch 90210 but there were 2 and I didn't know if I wanted to stay up that late.  Well after Private Practice I watched both episodes of 90210 too. It was getting late but then I was still wide awake.  So then I watched both episodes of Gossip Girl too. It was 1:30 by this time. Then I read twitter on my phone when I got to bed because I still wasn't tired enough.  It only took 1 day for me to watch almost all my TV shows that I watch without Dave.

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