Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10.9 (Sunday)

So my remote doesn't work so I had Dave take my picture to save time.  Not only is he too tall that pictures come out looking like they were taken at an angle but he stood on the porch so he was an additional 18 inches higher yet.

I knew I had a busy day ahead of me and thought if I put on a sports bra and tank I could change into workout clothes much easier and then I'd be more likely to do it. 
I slept in. Almost until 9.  I woke up and the first few steps were a little sore. My muscles were sore from the run.  My ankle still hurt too.

I got dressed and went to Panera to buy bagels. I got home and Dave already had the bacon cooked.  We had a nice breakfast. I ate 2 bagels. I was so full by the end.

We caulked the shower. It wasn't easy but wasn't hard.  We didn't remove the old caulk. We did things all wrong. I hope it all works out well.  I wonder how often you have to re-caulk a shower.
Then it was time to mow and pull weeds.  Dave started mowing while I pulled weeds.  He did the easy parts.  Then I did the rest.  Mowing was challenging for my ankle. I should have had it wrapped.  The grass was surprisingly wet. At one point I skidded down the hill a good couple feet.  That was scary. I always say I need to buy spikes to make mowing safer. By the time that was done, we were an hour into the Steeler game.  We tend to like to start late so we get to fast forward through the commercials. It makes for a much more enjoyable game.  I typed two blog posts and did laundry while watching the game.  It was a pretty good game unlike last week's.

Once it was over, I made tuna noodle casserole. We ate it, then we watched TV.

It sure seems like I did a lot.  I did make a to-do list to make sure I did everything but I didn't look at it the entire day.

I was in bed ready for sleep by 10:45. That's three nights in a row that I went to sleep early.  I even went into bed at the same time as Dave. Usually he's sleeping for an hour or two before I even go into bed.

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