Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2.53 mi (10/26)

I zipped home after work to run and get to Body Pump. I thought I'd have more time than I did. I barely made it in time and only ran 2.53 miles. sigh.  At least I ran.

I did my loop counter clockwise instead of my normal way. I always think it is harder this way.  It ends with an uphill instead of ending with level.

I started out with a goal of 2:15 and my first quarter I missed it by 1 second. Then 2 seconds. Then I hit it. I was doing bad at getting bonus seconds. I had to keep adding up my deficit seconds. Then my 4th split I was too slow again... sad times.

The worst part was the hill on Butler Street Extension when I got 2:42! That took some difficult subtracting on my end to see how many deficit seconds I had.   I almost continued to run past my house at my faster pace to try to make up the seconds but I still had 18 to makeup so I just gave up.  Good thing too because it was later than I thought and I was going to be late for Body Pump.   Boy I wish I actually telecommuted like I used to.  I keep having to go in.

When I left work it was raining. When I got home it was raining. I put on one of my new jackets I got on July 4 to see if it helped against the rain. But then I ran and it didn't rain at all and the jacket was just hot.

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