Friday, October 28, 2011

4.55 mi (10/27)

Jen and I met at North Park after work to run. At least the rain had slowed.  When we started running it was about 40 degrees. It got colder as we ran. I think it was 35 degrees at the end.  It was raining a little bit. I ran about half the loop before my feet started feeling a little bit wet. There were a few parts of the trail that had leaves all over them and those were very slippery, but otherwise it wasn't too bad.

I wore my rain jacket and it is very warm. It was too warm for that type of run I think.  Now I know I'll only wear it for 30 degrees or colder. Or I won't wear a long sleeve shirt under it.

I really need to start documenting the temperatures and which jackets I wore since I have 3 new ones this year. I have 2 from last year (that aren't water proof) and I can't even remember how I layered up last year.

I was going to do 1 loop with Jen then run another since my midweek run should have been 10 miles. I decided not to do that.  I had many excuses as to why but the main reason was that I was lazy.

We actually ran until 4.5 and the time for that was 50:24 and then we walked back to the car so it was 4.55.

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