Saturday, October 22, 2011

5 mile evening run (10.22)

I ran this evening. I knew it was going to get dark. I didn't want my first headlamp experience on potentially unsafe roads so I went to North Park.  I actually ran 5.01 miles with a pace of 8:54.1 but the 5 mile split is at the left. I only needed the head lamp for maybe the last 10 minutes. I wore it for the last 20 minutes since I got sick of carrying.

My mom called me about .5 mi into the run and I ran for 8 miles while holding the phone up to my ear and talking to her. Talking wasn't bad but holding the phone up was tough. I was going to run the big hill but since I was on the phone, I ran the level path through the boathouse.

About 1.5 miles in I decided to go for 9:00 pace (45:00 5 mile time). I had time to make up. I kept trying to make it up the entire way. I got caught up at 4.5 miles so then I got bonus seconds the last .5.  At mile 4 I thought I'd hit my goal at 4.5 and kept thinking about bonus seconds. I compared this to diabetes points and in my mind the special name made them cooler.  I even pushed it at the end to get even more bonus seconds. I'm so weird. If I am behind then I just get discouraged that I still have tons of seconds to makeup. Well I'm actually weird in that I analyze my seconds every .25 mi. 

So back in 2009 and 2010 I made some graphs showing my pace and my miles. I'm wondering if I should do that again. Putting them both on one graph made it easier to show that a long run was run at a slower pace.
2009 and 2010 - ignore 0 mph. I just forgot to put in the data or something
2010 - almost all of it
I have multiple years worth of data now. I can overlay different years. I can do more comparisons. This all sounds like so much fun. Too bad tomorrow I will run at 8. I'll get home around 11:15. And I'm not sure what time I have to leave the house but it isn't too long after that. I won't have time for anything until after the Steelers play. I also have to do laundry. Oh boy.

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