Wednesday, October 5, 2011

9.24 - Quick Eating

I took my camera and tripod with me but then didn't end up taking pictures. It was dark when I got home so indoor pictures it was.  Dave took these for me too.

Jacket: NY&Co.
Shirt: F21
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Necklace: Lia Sophipa
Earrings: Target
I woke up and had many things to do. Before I knew it, it was late.

I went and got my drivers license picture.  That took awhile. The last Saturday of the month is too busy.  Then I went to the South Side to pick up my race packet. Then it was to the Haufbrahaus to meet my parents.  I got the Hot Brown. I love it. It doesn't seem like something I'd like.  It's a potato pancake with turkey, ham, melted cheese, and bacon on top.  I was the first one done.  This has only happened one other time before. I did remember from past experience if you eat too slow the cheese solidifies and it isn't nearly as good.

After we ate, I went to go do some shopping at South Side Works. I went into H&M and saw the line was 30 people so I just walked out and left.  I went to the mall on the way home. I got tons of good deals.

I made probably 30 wrong turns trying to get to the South Side. I only made 1 wrong turn while leaving.

After 3 hours or so at the mall, I headed to Wendy's because Dave wanted food.  His grilled chicken took over 30 minutes. It was not a fun Wendy's trip.  After I got home, we watched TV and ate.  Then I had to get ready for my race.  My nervousness didn't start until late because I was so busy all day.  I hate how races get me so nervous. I don't know why. Well I guess I half know why. I have certain goal times and everyone says you will do better at races than at training runs so then I really want to meet my goal times but I know from experience I don't and then I get all stressed about it and wonder if I will meet them this time. Also driving to races and arriving early enough is stressful too.

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