Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Jeans: Express (Stretchy ones)
Tank: Target (usually wear it to workout
Cardigan: NY&Co
Belt: Walmart (size Large)
Shoes: Nickels via Famous Footwear

I woke up and started getting ready for the Zombie 5k (walk). Dave decided he would go but that stressed me up. He was taking too long and I didn't want to be late.

We finally made it but then the walking trail was caked in mud and it was awful.  We only walked part of it and then we walked around the parking lot to get more distance.
I got home from that and started laundry.  I also did some number analyzing.  Then it was lunch time/TV time. After TV I worked a bit.  Then it was time to go to my parents. I wanted to leave earlier but apparently Dave never got my IM warning and so he kept playing Star Craft.  While watching TV Poly slept in her blue bag the entire time. I kept forgetting she was there because she was so curled up in it, you couldn't even see her.

We watched the game and pigged out at my parents.   I had Dave drive home because I was tired. I got home, packed up my gym bag, and cuddled up in bed and used my laptop.


  1. No pictures of you and Dave dressed as zombies? :(

  2. Nobody was dressed up like a zombie. some people had costumes on AND warm gear. The awful weather made it harder. But I had on the tank top plus a red sweater plus my red coat and athletic pants for the walk.