Monday, November 21, 2011


I started my day meeting the running group to run 8 miles with them.  I didn't even make a separate post about it because it was cut hort. I ran up the big hill and turn around and came back instead of finishing the run.  My calf was hurting. What made me turn around was someone else confirming I was running with a limp. Up until that point I thought it could have all been in my head.  Also all the runners had run many marathons before and all told not to run and overdo it and that my training is done and to REST before the race.  The last half was downhill and if you notice it wasn't even faster.   They told me to rest all week. Only walking and maybe some light jogging. Oh boy.  I tried to listen to them figuring they are experienced at races and they saw me running so they had some sort of expertise to share.  Maybe some day I'll be an expert for other runners.
I didn't really do much all day. I watched the Steeler game.  I worked for 5 hours to get through some work emails and make some progress.  Poly was on me the entire time so I had to work sitting crooked.   Now tell me she doesn't look super cute in these pictures!?

Our neighbors thought it was a good time to start putting together their skate rink in the back yard. They even missed the Steeler game for it.

I spent a lot of the day thinking about my calf and how worried I am about it. I did go for a short walk with Dave wondering if I should be walking or resting. I didn't want to discourage exercise with Dave though.  I also did a core workout.

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