Saturday, November 26, 2011


shirt: VS
pants: Express
Pattern Day and comfy traveling clothes
I tried to sleep in a bit for a few reasons. The main reason is that I'd be spending a bunch of time driving but also because I've been so busy and hadn't sleep enough and another is that I should rest up for my marathon.
I started packing when I woke up a bit after 7:30.  Poly tried to sabotage the packing. We finally left the house at 9:23.
We headed to my parents to drop Poly off then head to Philly. We got to our hotel at 3:45.
Then we headed to Dave's dad. We had Pat's for dinner.  Dave and I shared a cheese steak and then we each got our own chef salad.  I ate less than half of my salad. At least I took out portions so what was left didn't have any dressing on it so it could be saved.
We hung out a big before heading back. Dave read that the gym closed at 10 so we were getting back around 9 to go to the gym. Well the gym closed at 9. We walked all the way there and didn't get to use it. We walked down the hallway and up 1 flight of stairs and back down the hall again and repeat up to 5 then did a few laps on 5.  I stopped before Dave because I should be resting up.  He was walking at a quick pace.    Then it was off to Walmart to buy Advil and then hit up Wawa for our 2nd dinner.

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