Sunday, November 6, 2011


Outfit 1= Volunteering
Shirt: Work
White Shirt: Express
Pinstripe Pans: Express
Shoes: Hot Kiss via Famous Footwear
Necklace: Target

Outfit 2 = Work
Same as Outfit 1 except
Shirt: F21
Necklace NY&Co
The part of my foot that hurts!
My day started off with volunteering for Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. It was the 6th year I did it.  This year I helped the least though. I had a lot of work to get back to.   We have to wear volunteer shirts but I wore an orange necklace to still follow my color rotation challenge. I did wear a different color when I went back to work.

I came home, got in the door, and headed to work. Oh wait I had to stop myself and change clothes. I didn't want to be wearing my Girls in Engineering Rocks shirt all day long.   I got to work and worked until 7pm. I was ready to leave the house at 6:30 am (was ready a little early and then left a little late but still was a long day)
We had quesadillas for dinner. Then we watched TV.
I got my new curling iron I ordered. I started trying it out. I didn't have a brush or anything and it was still great. I then spent 10 minutes using it before dinner. After TV I finished curling it. I used the large rod thing before dinner and tried out the medium one after. The medium one was really tight curls. I can't even imagine the small one.  I picked this curling iron because a girl on youtube told me that's what she uses. A few weeks ago I was searching and searching on youtube and then I came across this. I got the HerStyler 3P.  I already don't use the glove. I burn my hand sometimes like the parts of my hand that bump it not actually my fingers.  It says glove sold separately but it came with mine.


  1. I love that green shirt. I wonder if they still have it at F21? Is it a good material? I love the cut & color so much!

  2. I went back 1.5 weeks later to try to buy more colors of this same shirt. They didn't have them anymore. So if I answer the other questions it'll just make you sadder. It washed well. I think I put it on my drying rack to dry. but it was all good after. It was only 13 bucks. it didn't shrink at all.

  3. I wonder if wearing spacer socks to bed would help with that footpain business.

  4. Now my foot only hurts when I push on it (at the point that I'm pointing to in the picture). I have no idea how spacer socks really work. I know it is the bone near your heal that is screwed up that causes the bunion but I don't know why beside my bunion hurts.