Sunday, November 6, 2011


pants, cami, and long sleeve: Exptess
Tee: work
shoes: Hot Kiss

I wore clothes that I could just take off the outer Tee and be work appropriate.

I miss my remote. The wall is in focus and I am not. Sad times.
I did Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day again.  This time I stayed longer. I got asked to be on the career panel so I stuck around.  Well after 2 hours the person I was filling in for showed up so I was no longer needed.  I worked from there for awhile then just drove home and telecommuted the rest of the day.

I saw Mrs Weston. I talked to her awhile. She was the interact advisor my senior year of high school.  She recognized me and came over to me.  I offered to present to one of her classes sometime this year.  It was nice to brag a little to her about my volunteering involvement.  She asked about a few other people I graduated with but most I didn't know about.

My voice doesn't carry even when I want it to. At least I used the microphone today but even when I yelled about switching rooms, nobody heard me. I need to learn how to project my voice.  Any suggestions?

I went running with Jen. I didn't make a specific post about it like normal. I have just lacked a desire to analyze my data lately.   I watched some TV but went to sleep early. I fell asleep in bed.  Then at 10:40 my alarm went off. I want to know when I created an alarm and when I turned it on. It was really weird.   When running with Jen, I saw a few people from my Sunday running group. They said hi to me by name but I'm no good at remembering their names on the fly. Most of the people I run with, I don't even know their names. It was too hard on the first day to learn 12 new names and each week there are new people and some of the other people aren't there.

All the waking up super early all week just took it's toll on me.  I wish I could handle less sleep like so many other people I know.


  1. re: projecting your voice - imagine you are pushing your voice out from your stomach - your abs should actually tighten. When you do that, you are speaking from your diaphram (sp?), and it really helps pop your voice out. Tips from an old cheerleader :)

  2. I like how your hair looks when curled. Did it last all day? I am thinking about getting that curling iron. I have the opposite problem from you - my hair is curly, so I have to curl it or else I look like Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons. My feet also hurt alot if I run too much, but after 2 days off, they're fine.

  3. Not only did the curls stay the entire day but this was w/o hairspray. I couldn't believe it.