Monday, November 7, 2011


Yellow Day
Skirt and Cardigan: NY&Co
Shirt: Macy's
Shoes: Nine West via Famous Footwear
Belt: Kohl's
Necklace: Target

Oh this leaving for work in the dark is so annoying. I'm sick of indoor pictures.
I woke up to get to work kind of early but then spent forever getting ready.  Curly my hair added to it but I was just slow at everything.  I got to work at 7:45 and was super busy.

I had a meeting at 11:30 and apparently it got deleted off someone's calendar. Well it disappeared.  Then when he showed up to the meeting he made some comment that he thought I didn't have time to invite him because I spent too much time curling my hair.

Also through the day someone told me it was "too cold for a short skirt like that"  and someone else talked to me awhile about my dress shoes and how they are tall.  It just seems like a lot of crap I have to deal with.  I don't pay too much attention to it but I cant help but think about the weird comments now and then.

I was going to go to Body Pump after work.  Well my calf/leg still hurt.  The weather was beautiful so I thought I should run instead and take advantage of the warm daylight.  Well then I did neither. I came home and cooked tuna noodle casserole.  Then at the very end of the night I used the exercise bike for 16 minutes, stretched, and did 5 minutes of abs.  For me to count a workout as cardio I have to do at least 15 minutes... so I did 16.  For me to count a workout as core, it has to be at least 5 minutes and I did 5 minutes.  Nothing like cutting it close.

My new shoes arrived. I was excited even though they are the same thing as my old shoes. I just needed to replace my old shoes because they were getting too many miles on them.  How many miles do you put on your shoes before you replace them? Or how often do you get new athletic shoes? 


  1. Forget about it. That's one of the cutest outfits ever. When I wear nice stuff to work (which is always, why buy it if I'm not going to wear it?) I also get lots of comments. But mostly nice ones. People get used to you looking extra good. Sometimes they even step up their game.

  2. I wear shoes until there is no tread left on them. This takes awhile. I have a pair from two Septembers ago that are still in really good shape (Brooks Cascadias). My Gore-Tex Asics shoes (Trabucos) are also in good shape, but either my feet grew or they shrunk, because now I can barely fit into them. They are also from a year ago.

    I still run in my first pair of New Balance 100s from May 2010, and the second pair I bought in April 2011. Now you're making me want to make a shoe post. I think they say you should replace them like every six months, but I'm far too poor for that. Also, I'm not that hard on shoes, being very tiny.

  3. I've heard every 3 months too for runners. I have heard every 300 miles for runners. Some say 200. Some go as long as 500. I say I wear my running shoes to do other stuff too and then the hardcore runners are shocked and tell me I should not do that.

  4. I need more patterned shirts but I'm just not drawn them them on the racks so half the time I don't even realize stores have clothes besides solids.