Sunday, November 13, 2011


Sweater: American Eagle (super old. Had it in a drawer in the spare room for years.)
Jeans: Express (These jeans aren't meant for sitting.  They are looser in the hips than some other ones but the waist band hits me at the exact wrong spot for my gut to expand.)
Shoes: Brooks via Amazon. (Trying to break them in)
I woke up and ran. I already wrote about the run.  I was so weak after that I had to eat and rest between eating. It took awhile to get back to normal.  Then I mowed the lawn, put a bag of mulch down, and cleaned the garage a little.  That all took awhile.
Later I went to Joann Fabrics to buy some glue dots and a few other things. I hadn't been there in months and they rearranged the store again. Scrapbooking was in the same general area but the rows were angled differently, set up differently, and there were different types of displays. Nothing was where I first guessed.

We went to Bravo for dinner.  After we got home, I got back to planning for my Stampin' Up class.  Then we watched the Steeler game.
That game made me so mad. First of all the helmet to helmet that caused Ward to be out of the entire game that wasn't called. AND then he was knocked out and didn't maintain control of the ball and their coach challenged that and the catch was overturned. But you can't add penalties at the reply. Oh that had me so mad the entire game. Then the second helmet to helmet that wasn't called worked me up too. What made me even madder was to hear the announcers say how the Steeler who got called on his helmet to helmet is going to get a fine. I didn't realize fines were involved along with the penalties so I got even madder. I could barely handle the game.  I'm surprised my BodyMedia fit wasn't registering as moderate activity with how stressful I thought the entire game was.   I mean we had some bad plays and didn't make some key plays but the refs and how they sometimes call penalties and sometimes not gets me so mad.   I hate when things aren't fair. In the past I've complained about something not being fair even when it wasn't fair in my favor. I hate unfairness. Oh just thinking about it has me all worked up.
The game caused me to stay up too late. I hate Sunday night games for that. I really hate them the day after we change our clocks. Usually the week or 2 after we change clocks I get to work bright and early and enjoy it. Well the game ruined that for me.

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  1. I love how productive ANd healthy your weekend was. The cat photos are so cute.