Sunday, November 6, 2011

12 miles - Tapering (11.6.11)

I met the running group today to run 8 miles with them and then run a total of 12 miles.  The initial ~8 mile loop was only about 7.5 on my Garmin. I'm not sure why. Perhaps when we had one of our 2 stops for water I forgot to turn it back on.  I was thinking the loop would be 7.87 miles.  7.5 made it convenient to do 1 more loop and cut through the boathouse shortcut for 4.5 more to get 12. 

I wore my new shoes today.  They are the same brand, style, and color as my old ones. With all those things the same you would think they would be good. Well they were not.  The right shoe gave me nothing but trouble. It felt too loose at the ankle. It was entire too tight at the top of my foot (at the middle of the laces). I'm not sure if that contributed to my poor run or not.  Well I mean it contributed but am not sure if it is the only reason I felt so bad.  I also didn't wear my water belt at the end because 2 people continued to run with me so they could run 10. I also forgot my nutrition (energy chews).

My left calf/leg is also still bothering me. This is really putting a damper on my training. I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to not run and lose everything I have. I don't want to run and keep making some sort of injury worse.  I basically don't want to do anything because of the marathon pressure.

My best and worst split were both at times I was with the other group.  The slowest split was after we ran up the big hill and walked for a little while the others caught up to us. My best mile was the mile that we ran downhill and 3 of us pulled away from the other group.  I tried to keep up with the other 2 but they got about 10 steps ahead of me by the end of the mile.

pretend "this" is in italics above
The marathon pressure is just getting to me.  Everything hurts.  I can barely walk up steps.

I'd say my first half wasn't that bad considering the hill and all the talking. I did learn a little bit more of the names of the people. There were 2 names that I don't know who they go with and 3 guys that I don't know their names.  I'm getting close.  I don't know anyones names in the faster group. I was told I could go run with them today. I laughed and said how I can barely keep up with them. 

Mile 10 was so slow because I walked about a minute then ran about a minute and had to walk again. I just couldn't keep it up. I ran again and my run was at a 13 minute pace so I just walked for another minute again.  After those few walk breaks I was able to keep going.  I guess I just needed the walks.

The 12 mile run today took 10 seconds longer than my half marathon time in 2010. Oh boy if only I had the speed that I used to have.  Maybe some day.
I wonder if I could recreate this route on my own
I only ran 12 today because the training plan has a 12 mile run and I figured I better stick to it.  Granted it said I should have ran 8 miles on Wednesday and I had a rest day.

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