Sunday, November 27, 2011

5 miles (11.27.11)

Guess whose calf is bothering them again. If you guessed me, you are right. (If you didn't guess me, you must be crazy.)

As soon as I got out of the car at North Park, I felt my calf tighten up and knew it'd be bad when running.  It was good all week. I didn't understand it. (I also woke up extremely sore from Body Pump so I had that soreness impacting my run too.)

Running with the group was a struggle and we were even going slow.  A little after 2.5 miles into it, I said I was going to finish the loop and not do their little extra out for them to get 8 miles.  At least they decided not to do the big hill today.  My calf has been fine but it wasn't today.

Adrienne showed up to run with our group today. She didn't bring her Garmin. I can not see the day that I will ever do that.

I did a decent amount of talking about my race so perhaps the extra talking combined with my calf made it worse.  The runners there recommended I rest it for a couple weeks. I guess I will have to do that.  At least I know about this resting before I come up with my December goals.  I will have to figure out what cardio I can do and still rest my calf.  Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking rower but haven't used that in a long time to know if that would actually be OK for my calf.

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