Saturday, December 10, 2011


Shirt: Loft, Cardigan: NY&Co, Jeans: Express, Necklace: The Limited
This was my travel all day so be comfy outfit. It was also my "yellow" outfit for Color Rotation.
Before leaving Philly we had to get 1 more cheesesteak.
We picked up Poly from my parents. We didn't have much time to waste because we were trying to have Poly travel in the daylight.  She likes daylight better.  She only had a couple minutes of daylight because stopping for lunch took too long.  Dave and I had some miscommunication and then we ate in instead of getting the food to go so that took an hour of wasted time.  Poly may have been better in the car because Dave got a flashlight app for his phone and stuck that in her cage.

After she got home, she went and hid under the cedar chest. After traveling is the only time she ever hides under there.

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