Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:50:54 AM - I just talked to my mom for 2.5 hours on the phone. Fun times. I could have kept going.
11:19:04 AM - Scrap and Run: Planning a menu
03:21:46 PM - 3 TDs in under 5 min. How exciting. I'm watching the game on delay and just hope it is even better later.
05:30:06 PM - Just got back from a 32 minute walk with @polahbea and we would have gone longer if it didn't get dark. His ankles didn't hurt at all today.
07:52:29 PM - Well I'm done baking for tonight because I ran out of eggs. Good thing though because I already ate 9 cookies.
11:34:41 PM - I drank so much milk that I can feel it in my stomach. But I needed all the milk after the brownies.
11:39:50 PM - “@the_littlebit: Little S. wears an apron, vacuums, and bakes...Dream come true for me? Or early trouble!” oh man. Cute

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

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