Monday, December 12, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

01:07:29 AM - The Garmin 405 watch is a lot bigger than the 110. It has a slight curve already to go around your wrist but that is far too large.
01:20:15 AM - I think I stayed up too late. I blame this on my data addiction.
01:44:31 AM - @lisafilipek you need the nail polish that dries/sets in 1 minute
01:51:03 AM - @reedaboutme how is your training going? Cold is hard for me to run in too
01:57:30 AM - “@FatGirlvsWorld: I guess the big question. Is whether a woman that is already 5'9 needs 4"+ shoes.” of course
01:58:47 AM - “@angelineevans: Planning outfit combos for my trip...20 items of clothing, 4 pairs of shoes, 34 days.” good idea
01:59:29 AM - @angelineevans I always just planned outfits mentally then I make a swap and mess it up without realizing.
02:01:36 AM - @BodyMediaFIT at my upload a few hours ago I was at 10011 steps and my goal was 10,000
06:31:22 PM - Ran 5 miles. Walked 1.2. Cold
07:16:10 PM - Just ate green beans, broccoli and cheese, and a big piece of pumpkin cake. Now I'm eating chip and dip
10:16:41 PM - I just "napped for 1.5 hours"
10:17:23 PM - @BodyMediaFIT I shopped and ran at the gym

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