Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:42:49 AM - Worst dream. I was in school and had no idea about my class schedule so I didn't know where to go. I also couldn't log in to SIS to get it
09:43:06 AM - how is it only 9:43? This is going to be a long day.
09:45:10 AM - Impressive RT @katy_rose1: I love Google. Go ahead and google search "Let It Snow" and then watch and wait!
12:04:00 PM - I was going to run at lunch. Don't feel like it. I'm going to regret this later. Talk me into going for a run! Go!
03:25:51 PM - @lisafilipek I have stopped to nap on numerous occasions for trips that are 45 minutes total. I hate driving so bad.
04:29:54 PM - We hear a knock at the door. I walk to the door while Poly runs. Then she does this until the UPS truck pulls away.
05:00:49 PM - Calculating: 1"x1"xheight of fudge=65 calories. Based on my @BodyMediaFIT data, I'd have to run 8:35 extra minutes to burn it off
11:20:17 PM - Is it too late to start making cookies?
11:39:40 PM - @BodyMediaFIT To add to that I burned 184 calories during Body Flow (normal hr = 74) Therefore Body Flow=2.5x my normal calorie burn
11:51:25 PM - starting cookies wasn't a good idea. I just got really tired really fast. Cookies are in the oven, CLothes are in the dryer.

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