Friday, December 23, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:44:47 AM - So tired. The cookies weren't all cool enough. I put them in containers anyway.
12:46:07 AM - In bed. Uncomfy. Then I realize I'm still in my clothes and the bra is I comfy. Oh boy
12:50:17 AM - “@SallyMcGraw: Statistics show that it is 80% harder to leave your chair when there is a purring cat sitting in your lap.” true
02:56:37 PM - At the gym and my badge let me in. But there are 4 other people here and none of their badges worked.
03:45:25 PM - @mikecherepko PB's badge also dost work. I was the only female there. Maybe they don't want guys to workout.
04:27:38 PM - Oh the traffic is awful. Why did I leave the house? We will never get out of this plaza. And I didn't even want to eat at BRGR
05:02:27 PM - @mikecherepko Traffic is awful and the parking lots are worse.
05:03:47 PM - I'm still hungry. That kids meal was better than the normal burgers. I just needed some more food.
05:38:53 PM - Where does the food go?
05:44:41 PM - Even more drinks
06:46:51 PM - To do tonight: make home made applesauce for the cake, make the cake, make 3 kinds of cookies, make candy. Oh boy
10:22:29 PM - Cake is in the oven. 1 more kind of cookies to make tomorrow. would do it now. It the oven is in use.
10:59:30 PM - @lisafilipek if I'm not driving the gas tank is the gauge.
11:05:12 PM - The cake is finally out of the oven. It took an hour. Was supposed to take 35-40 min

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