Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

01:15:11 AM - @missylizzylucy I am always looking for excuses to have dinner parties.
01:36:18 AM - @mikecherepko they don't need processing or you just don't listen?
03:26:53 PM - View from 5 miles into run
08:31:23 PM - I'm heating dinner and Dave says "didn't you already eat?" and my reply was "I already ate twice." yay for third dinner.
08:50:00 PM - Turkey gravy on beef roast is good stuff.
09:53:36 PM - Oh boy if I'm lucky I'll only hit 4 of 8 of my December workout goals.
11:21:47 PM - probably not so good that if I want to hit my milage goal for the month I'll be running 29% of the miles on the last day.
11:56:07 PM - I'm 9 weeks behind on a 20 week training plan. Sucks. I ran fewer miles in all of December than i should have been running each week.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

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