Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weight Graph

I have had "Weight" linked at the top for awhile now.  It isn't always up to date. I often update a few of the graphs but not all of them. Today I updated my standard one, but I also added a few vertical lines
I added

  • Knee Injury
  • Visited Callie
  • Knee Injury
Who knew visiting Callie would have been a turning point to get me back on track but it was.

The first knee injury was back over a year ago and the date I chose for it was 9/11/11 when I ran a 5k. It might have been hurting a tad before that but that was when it kind of got bad.  A few weeks later it was the worst when I ran a 10k and then I took a few weeks off. 

The second Knee Injury was March 2011 when I ran the 30k. My knee bothered me slightly before the race but the race was the breaking point and then I went to PT.

I think the vertical lines tell a story or help to tell one.  I should remember to update them more often. 

After a little bit, I may decide to add October 31, 2011 as a vertical line when Dave started dieting and working out daily because then I worked out more with him.

I want as much data as possible. Sometimes after the fact I'll think of a way I should have been collecting data but then it is too late.   Are there any other things you think I should track, plot, graph?

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