Monday, January 23, 2012


Pants: VS, Sweater: Express, Shoes: Aldo, Necklace: Sears

I've worn this combination before but different shoes this time. These shoes aren't as tall and it's noticeable that the pants are too long. I hate how it is dark when I leave for work and Dark when I get home. Indoor daily pictures are kind of sucky. (Granted outdoor ones are too because I don't have a working remote so then the shrubs across the street are in focus and not me.)

I made it out of bed to shower and get to work by 7:30 for a meeting.

I didn't feel well at work. I swear I had a fever or something.  It was rough going at work. I wasn't very productive.  I probably should have left a bit early but I didn't.

I ran to Target after work to buy stuff for our Holiday Party.  The snow had started coming down so everyone was trying to leave work and drive and it was all going far too slow. I wish I would have remembered to buy some Mr Clean to mop with. Sigh.

I got home and was very productive emptying the garbage, taking out the trash, moving the mower, moving the boxes, and moving the recycling.  It was exhausting.   I wanted to curl up in a ball but knew some of that had to get done before Dave's car was in the garage.  I also shoveled the entire side of the driveway to make it easier for Dave to get into the garage.    He didn't get home for 30+ minutes and the driveway was covered again but at least he was able to make it up it without having to stop in the street to get out and shovel.

We made little hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls for dinner.  I ate a bunch of junk after that.
We were watching American Idol. We stopped that at 8pm to watch the debate.  I can't believe the first question was to Gingrich about how his ex-wife had interviews about him asking for an open marriage.   17 minutes into the debate, Romney only said 1 thing (let's get on to the real questions).  I thought they should try to be even.

I cleaned up a little bit. I finally washed 2 trays still dirty from my party on January 7.  On January 8, a friend asked me if I did all the dishes yet. I laughed. I still haven't done them all!  There are 2 cutting boards still sitting there waiting to be washed.      I was productive even though I didn't want to be. I wanted to curl up in a ball.

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