Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5.37 Mile Run (North Park - 1/24)

I ran again with Jen. We ran 1 mile, walked 1 minute, ran 1 mile, walked 1 minute, ran .5 and then turned around. Then we set up my run/walk app to run 3 and walk 1.  We did that until about a half mile left and we just continued running. I think ended up missing 2 walk intervals.

Our 5-5.25 mile split was 2:18 which is very good for that far into that run.   Then we booked it even further and ran the last .09 at 8:25 pace. Then we walked horizontally across the parking lot to the car and I stopped the timer after that.

My legs were tired at the beginning since it's my third day in a row running.  I ran 17.2 miles in 3 days. Lately I have been running 10 in a week.

We made it until about the 4th mile until we had to get out our flashlight and headlamp.  If only I didn't leave work 20 minutes late, then we would have made it further or even finished before needing the lights. 

We stayed on the back half of the lake to avoid traffic. It's a lot safer that way.  We turned around at 2.66 miles. 

Jen sure is improving a lot over the last few months.  I can't wait to see what her running future holds.

If I want to meet my monthly mileage goal which I have said there is no way I'd make it, I would need to run almost 22 miles in the next 6 days!  I also have a 5k on Saturday so that also puts a damper on resting my legs.   My legs are far too tired for a race right now.

I need to turn on auto pause on my watch but I always forget when I'm near my watch except for when I'm running and then I'm running and don't want to be messing with it.   I forgot to stop the timer today but at least I had a "moving time" to use so the 3 minutes I spent stretching were subtracted out.

I need to compare all runs with Jen and each mile split to find out how they compare.   I used to make a table comparing my own north park runs but ever since I got the garmin and adjusted how I track everything, I forgot to compare all the extras I used to.  I need to compare my run from yesterday to other runs around the loop at work.

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