Saturday, February 4, 2012


I was going to skip the last 4 days in December because it's been so long but I needed to post the pictures of Dave so anywhere here's the post.
Shirt and Jeans: JCP
Shoes: online probably zappos.

Those were his new jeans he got for Christmas.  The shirt we bought in December when we were buying Christmas presents.
Sweater: F21
Pants and Boots: VS
Belt: Target
Scarf: NY&Co
Poly helped us sleep in.
We made macaroni and cheese.
We ate at some restaurant.
I also ironed but didn't take pictures of that.

Poly was so cute.
I went to the Italian Miners club with the family.  I learned only men can be members there.  Each member could bring in 2 guests and that's how we had to work it.  I kind of tried to sneak the pictures because I didn't want them on to me, but my camera has the laser thing that goes out first to try to focus that blew my cover.  Mike and Agnes were in from Brooklyn. Callie was visited from Colorado. I guess the club was where it was at.

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