Thursday, January 26, 2012


The vest is purple. The tights are gray. The pictures didn't turn out that well.  I probably haven't worn this shirt in over a year. OK maybe it was 3 years ago.  It wrinkles like crazy so I never wanted to wear it.
I wore my snake necklace again. I don't think it really went with the outfit.
My desk is a lot cleaner than normal at work. I handled the 10 or so post-it notes that were all in front of my keyboard.  Dave still said this is not a clean desk but I guess he doesn't see it on a normal occasion.

After work I was so motivated to run and I head over to the gym and realize my orthotics were in my shoes at home and my shoes that were in my gym bag had no orthotics (or insoles at all). Boy did that suck. I was actually motivated to run because Jen told me how she ran 4 miles and had emailed me about it. Usually I go to the treadmill to run and am not motivated. Such wasted motivation.   I came home and after dinner used the exercise bike, did some weights, did an ab workout, and stretched so at least I got a workout in.


  1. Snake necklaces go with every outfit that you can wear gold colored jewelry with. It says "this is my outfit and there is a snake on my necklace" and "I am in a snake necklace mood." And people react to that with "oh, a snake necklace where I didn't expect to find one!"

    I don't know what a "snake necklace outfit" would even look like if you didn't wear it with those rules. Maybe if you were a pharaoh.

  2. All my jewelry is always silver so that's probably part of the problem.
    Nobody has commented on my snake necklace yet.