Saturday, February 11, 2012


I woke up and went to run.

By the time I got home it was lunch time, but I analyzed data a little then showered. Dave and I went to Outback for lunch. (I was going to wear my gray shoes pictured above but my feet hurt so I couldn't.) It was tasty. I got home and went back to analyzing data. I also watched a lifetime movie.

I had to stop analyzing to watch the Super Bowl. I was bored and wanted to use my laptop but Dave wouldn't let me type at all. He is so particular about everything. He can't have noise and everything has to be his way. He never thinks he should learn to get used to it. Another thing is if he falls asleep I have to turn lamp off and if I fall sleep he gets to keep his light on because I am more accommodating. It is so annoying to me. I always want to use laptop and watch TV but he won't have any of that.


  1. Gosh, this blog makes me feel so sad. It appears (stress, appears) that the only thing of meaning in your life is analyzing and obsessing over your body and its statistics.

    Meanwhile, 99% of your husband's pictures are him laying on the couch, in PJs, with the cat. He is clearly morbidly obese, and yet there seems to be no mention of this gravely concerning issue. He looks incredibly you not see this?

    Please get yourselves help. You need it to deal with your own body/food obsession - and he needs it to deal w/ the emotional issues tied to his obesity. And, you need it together, as a couple, to figure out why you're both enabling each other to live like this.

    From the outside, it appears so incredibly mean that you post about your body obsessions and working out, but then post endless photos of your husband looking like some cliche obese person who does nothing but lay around. Is that how you hope the world sees this person you love?

    Just beyond sad. I can't imagine presenting my husband to the world this way...while also posting endlessly about my own body.

    1. I think if you think there is a "body" obsession, you missed it.

  2. Anonymous,

    My obsessions aren't over my body at all but are over data. I love data. If you read enough of the blog, you would realize that. I do additional things just to get the data. I feel like my data rarely relates to my body appearance. My workout goals relate to my body as in health no as in vanity.

    99% of my husbands pictures are actually pictures of my cat. While we are watching TV, Poly is always very cute and I take her picture. When I'm doing something with my husband or working out with him, we aren't taking pictures because we are doing said thing. But even with that I have taken his picture when we've been at the gym, out on walks, or exercising in general but it is infrequent because when you work out you are working out not taking photos. Also this is MY blog not my husbands and he doesn't want his workout routine posted everywhere or want pictures of him working out posted.

    If you have actually read the blog, you would be able to pick up some information about him here and there but the focus of my blog is me and not him. (I just went back a little and found this post that showed him at the gym and I know there are more but I'm not taking the time to dig them up.)

    I don't understand how you can come out and say that we need to get help? I don't understand at all how you think I have an obsession with my body. Please elaborate on how you think that. I'm sure anyone that knows me would be in agreement with me. I do have an obsession with data. I have written about that before. I have had friends tell me I need something like Data Anonymous like AA (as jokes) but everyone knows that I'm very interested in data and I love to analyze and post about it. If you have a problem with it, you don't have to read.

    As a quick summary, my husband works out more than many people I know. People who don't see him working out don't believe it because people just assume someone who works out wouldn't be so heavy and that assumption is wrong. I have gotten so mad about comments like that over the years. People make general statements and assumptions and they are wrong. He also eats less than I do. My blog isn't his exercise/food blog so I wouldn't post about what he eats and it shouldn't be necessary.

    I feel like your comment was so beyond mean and the worst comment I've had on my blog or seen on any blog. How many posts have you read? How long have you been a follower? Do you think posting something like this would make him feel better about himself? Do you think someone who weighed 180 lbs in 4th grade or 350 lbs in 10th grade wants to read about this. They've been getting comments about it all their life. Some people are skinny and are way more unhealthy than a heavy person but I never see negative comments like that to them. Well granted I have gotten my fair share of body image comments throughout my life. Comments telling a thin person to "eat a burger" and "put on some weight" are just as bad as fat comments. I have said to people throughout my life that good thing I don't take to heart what other people say or I'd have had an eating disorder a long time ago.

  3. (Continuation reply. It wouldn't allow a comment so large)

    I would say I'll try to post pictures of more than just my cat but I won't make that change for you. I know what we do and I know it is more than what photos show but I don't have photo documentation of every single thing in my life. So far since I've been typing this reply 2 friends have commented about it and said they do not think of us

    I keep going back to thinking about how you mention me focused on my own body. Isn't what I post focused on goals and health and not body? I would think someone obsessed would have a goal about their body measurements or body fat percentage and I have neither.

    I'm sorry if sounds mean because it might but I was being defensive. I decided to reply instead of delete the comment like others have suggested.

  4. I run with Colleen pretty frequently and I know both Colleen and her husband. They do work out together and he has actually lost quite a bit of weight recently. This blog isn't about him and it's not really anybody else's business what he does or does not do.

    Also, I don't think Colleen is obsessed with her body at all. She likes to exercise and for her crunching numbers (and it's data about the actual runs, not her body) keeps her motivated. It gives her goals and makes things interesting.

    Colleen, I'm sorry someone judged you this harshly. I know you are honest and candid in your posts and that you're posting for yourself.

  5. Re: Anonymous

    This may be the rudest and least-informed blog comment I've seen in all my days (and I used to read the George W. Bush livejournal feed).

  6. Agree with DeltaFoxtrot... this is very mean, rude and uninformed.

    The saddest part is that in the end whoever anonymous is, he/she feels that him/herself is an appropriate judge of character.... via a random 500 words/day BLOG?!! Give me a break.