Saturday, March 3, 2012


The day started with volunteering at the Carnegie Science Center for Engineers Week. We worked the Westinghouse booth and explained some stuff and did an activity.
Then we headed to Haufbrahaus. We met my parents there. It sure was fun.
After we got home we sure were tired from all the extraversion.  Poly also was a little baby and just wanted to be held. She was mad we ditched her most of the day.  She was mad since Tuesday since we were out so late.  She caused me to not go running until almost dark so I didn't have enough time to run as long as I wanted to.  Poly even let me hold her when I walked around and when I sat down. She just wanted my attention. Poor baby. I was sitting on the chair in Dave's room and there was even junk on the chair that I was sitting on.

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