Saturday, March 3, 2012


The plan was to wake up early and go to the gym and then go to Giant Eagle. We were still home at 10:30 and I was getting mad.  May parents were supposed to visit so I couldn't just delay everything.  We just went to Giant Eagle instead of the gym plus Giant Eagle.

We only bought food for 1 meal and the rest was random stuff and we still spent almost $200.

My parents visited but on their way we met at Applebee's for lunch.  Then once they came over we just hung out in the family room with Poly.  Poly loves company.  She didn't sit on anyone's laps but just slept on her red bag or rested on the ottoman. She still liked it. She wants more company. Too bad people barely ever come to visit her.

As soon as my parents left, we cooked.  We made this pasta dish with hot sausage and green peppers. There was no red sauce involved.  It was very good. But it was very spicy. I can't believe that is what I suggested to make. The pasta had soaked up the hot sausage flavor and that was even hot, but it was still good.  The trick to the recipe was grilling the pasta first before boiling it. That helped it get the hot sausage flavor.  Dave and I both liked it but I still packed up the leftovers to give away.

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