Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2.26 - TV

Dave and I woke up pretty early.  We decided to make breakfast.  I had eggs and toast. Dave also made hashbrowns but mine got soggy so I didn't eat them.  He also made bacon but then burnt it so I didn't eat that either.

Then we watched TV. We watched some Dexter. Then I started watching One Tree Hill.  Before that was over, I got a text from Jen and it was time to go running. So I hurried up and got ready and headed there to run.
After running, I analyzed data a bit, ran, then analyzed more.  I did some taxes for Stampin' Up.  Then at 3:30 we went downstairs to eat. We watched more Dexter. Now at 10PM, Dave claimed it was bed time and didn't want to watch any more. We ended up watching until 10:20 and stopped mid episode. I watched the rest of One Tree Hill after that. Now clearly it was already bedtime but I thought I'd watch one more show. I was going to watch one of the shows I don't super love but decided to watch Gossip Girl.  I had 11 episodes stock piling after all.
I remember deciding to start 1more episode thinking it would be done at 12:30 and that's not too late. Well it ended at 12:26 so that was early so I decided to watch one more.  I kept doing this until 3am when the computer broke.  The computer reboots automatically at 3am each night. Well this breaks the program that we use to watch TV. I did not know how to start it back up.  This happened last time too. Someone might have gone to bed if this happened but instead I tried to figure it out for 20 minutes.  Then finally gave up and decided to watch the rest of the episode on Hulu. I got Dave's laptop since the screen is larger. Well it wouldn't work because he disables ads and I don't know how to enable them at a 3am tired state (or maybe at a normal time).  So then I went to my laptop and figured out where I was in the episode. I had 5 minutes left in it.  I had to watch multiple commercials to get that far.  After all that effort I decided to watch one more episode. Hulu has commercials so it takes longer.  Well the TV shows on our computer have commercials but they automatically skip.

Well anyway next thing I new it was 6 am. I had to immediately close my computer and rush up to bed before Dave's alarm went off.   His alarm went off at 6:10ish and I was still awake.  I told him I was going to sleep in a bit so he was quiet for me.  My alarm went off at 6:30 and I changed that to 6:55. At 6:45 Dave talked to me since he was about to leave.  I hit snooze on my alarm at 6:55 and eventually got up at 7:13.  What a night. What a night.   That is a new record for how late I've stayed up on a work night.  (BTW I got to work around 8:05 and core hours don't even start until 9. I should have slept in longer.)

I bet there has not been a Day you watched more TV.  I was up 23 hours and think I watched TV for about 17 hours. It might have been even longer, but I forgot how long I spent watching it earlier in the day.

XOXO Gossip Girl

Ahh that's all that goes through my head since I had watched 6 straight hours of it.  Do you watch Gossip Girl? Do you find that the show is even better when you can watch multiple episodes in a row?

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  1. Did you know that Gossip Girl started out as a book series? I was an avid reader of the series (I believe there are 13 books) and I could not wait to see the TV show. I watched 5 minutes and had to turn it off because the show is NOTHING like the books. It seriously pissed me off. I haven't been able to give it a chance since.