Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 Shirt: F21, Necklace: Lia Sophia, Jeans: Express
I woke up and started analyzing data again and trying to write my blog post on my race. I took little breaks to check email and read facebook.

From 12-4, I stood in front of Walmart collecting money and food for the local food bank.

I got home and had dinner. Dave and I watched TV.  Then I watched TV and typed my blog post until 11:30 PM except the short walk Dave and I took just before dark.  Boy was I tired so it made typing the post seem to take forever.
I was watching Royal Pains while typing my post and every time I looked up, they had on colored jeans.  The jeans look so nice and colorful but I'm scared of color.


  1. I don't know how I ever lived without pink pants.

    1. I need you here to go shopping with me to make me buy stuff. I go to stores and I don't even see patterned shirts. I'm sure t hey are there but I just don't notice.
      I tried on colored jeans recently but they didn't fit right (I would have mooned people if I bent over at all). At least I tried. I need to find out where else they sell them.

      Also should I get skinny jeans?

  2. I love that Poly was in the Snapple container