Thursday, March 29, 2012


Pants and Shirt: Express (both old)
Shoes: Famous Footwear
I woke up and did some stuff on my computer.  I updated my weight graph data and put a few graphs on my site. I also updated Dave's graph. I realized I should eat breakfast before I go run because I was feeling a little lightheaded.

I went to run with Jen (a different Jen than the normal Jen I run with).  We ran a little later so we didn't have to run in the rain.  This is Jen's 2nd time running with me and 2nd time running in more than 15 years.  We did 2.5 miles.  I'm getting her to run a 5k in 8 weeks so we have to get her to running more.  We had a few walk breaks but I still think it is pretty good.  Last time I ran with her, I had a dream after that we ran a 5k together and she beat me.

After the run I came home and finally sewed the button on a shirt. It has been sitting on my desk for me to sew for 6 or so months. Then I sewed one of Dave's button holes so the button won't always pop out. I felt so productive.
Then we went to lunch with Chad and Jen. We went to Campecino's then Yum.  Dave and I went to Giant Eagle after that.  We were still in the vegetable section when I started to feel a little weird.  An aisle later I started to feel clammy.  About 8 aisles later I was having Dave give me a little push to get started moving the cart and sometimes I'd pretend to be looking at things on the bottom shelf for a rest.  Near the end I went and found a bench and Dave finished shopping. Some how I got lightheaded.
After we got home, I ended up napping for an hour.
Then I went to the mall and bought lots of things.

On my way home at 9:10 PM, I realized I hadn't eaten dinner.  I got home and tried on all my new clothes for Dave and forced him to take pictures of me in everything new.   Then I updated my clothes inventory spreadsheet. It hasn't been updated since October.  I blogged about almost all my purchases so I will have to go back and fill it out.

I went in to bed at 11:15 PM but realized I hadn't blogged for the day so I got back up and posted a post I knew I had written but just had to insert pictures.  Then I typed a few more blog posts and at 11:45 I got to typing this post and when I got to the dinner portion of the post I realized I had not eaten dinner yet. Oh boy. I did have a jelly bean and 3 bites of leftover pizza.  Now I'm debating if I should go downstairs and eat something since I will be running in the morning.

All day I kept feeling skinny. My pants were too loose. I was also feeling lightheaded. I bet there was a correlation. My weight was also lower today than the past few days. These are all correlated.  I told myself in the morning that I should know I'll be getting lightheaded throughout the day on the days my weight is down in the morning. It always happens but I never prepare myself for it.

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