Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Dave and I went to breakfast and then to the gym. It took a lot of restraint to not run on the treadmill.
There was a wait at breakfast so I did some shopping first. Above are the things I tried on.  I didn't buy anything though.  Dave liked the blue shirt and I did like the skirt in the bottom right. Everything in the store was buy one get one half price.  Since our wait was over, I didn't buy anything and thought I'd go back after breakfast.  I forgot so I ended up with nothing.  I don't like how most of the dresses are above the knee.  They aren't work appropriate that way.

We went to Giant Eagle after bought ingredients for stuffed peppers. We didn't buy food for any other meals though.  We still spent $150 though.

We watched a lot of TV. I used to have to-do lists but I don't even think about them anymore.  I'll think about it again once I'm all caught up on Dexter.


  1. you should have bought that dress! It's nothing like you normally wear, but you look amazing in it - it'd be great for spring and summer, and in the winter you could wear it with black tights.

  2. If it went to my knee I would have purchased it but that high above my knee was with it pulled down too so it's just too short for work and I couldn't risk that I'd have a life and be able to wear it on the evenings or weekends (because usually I go running or nothing)

    But funny thing is I got a NY&Co. add with coupons the following week that that dress was front and center in it.

  3. You should totally get that red and black dress for not-work stuff. For dinners out and things. It is so pretty, and looks fantastic on you! You could also totally wear it to work with tights. That black one is also fantastic. I wish I could wear sleeveless dresses. :(

  4. Brie, you are under the assumption I do non-work stuff. Dinners out on weeknights are always right from work. The weekend I don't do anything. I bought a dress last year that was too short for work and so far only wore it once. It could be used in the same way. I just don't do enough non work stuff.

    I thought the black one was a bit clingy and gave me a bit of a pregnancy look just by how it was sitting.

  5. "We went to Giant Eagle after bought ingredients for stuffed peppers. We didn't buy food for any other meals though. We still spent $150 though."

    I don't know how you do that. There's not even $150 worth of good food in that store.

    1. I didn't say we bought good food. We bought some pop and chips. We bought a lot of cheese because we always use cheese in everything or just eat it plain.