Sunday, April 8, 2012


I telecommuted the 2nd day in a row. This is the first week we were allowed to telecommute 2 days and I actually could since I didn't have meetings I was required to be there for.
I had some leftovers for a quick lunch then had a meeting at noon. As soon as that was over Dave and I went to the track to exercise. I didn't count it as running even though he would be running 100 yards at a time. Well I should have probably avoided it.  He was pretty fast and my hip started hurting.  I iced it after  I got back.  Dave and I did 5 laps then I ran a 20 yards twice for some pictures.
Dave and I cooked dinner again. I forgot how good hot dogs tasted on the grill. I was reading outside for work in the afternoon but got sad with Poly looking out the door so I went inside.

I went to spinning at 5:15. Then I went to Body Pump at 6. (I still barely hit my calorie burn goal for the day with 3 workouts.)  Dave and I watched TV after dinner and he fell asleep.  Poly was sleeping on him. Every time I looked over, Poly was re-positioned.  Dave moved once so she got more comfortable. She's a cute cat. My favorite was the 2nd time I looked over and she was laying parallel to him.

After TV, I went upstairs and worked a little since I felt like I still had 8 million things to do.  Then I went to bed.

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