Sunday, April 22, 2012

8.37 mi (4.22.12)

Well this was my longest run in 3 weeks. It should have been 10 but the mapping was off. My knee hurt after about 3 miles.

I ran with the running group downtown. Their plan was to do 15 with an additional 5 miles for those that wanted to do 20. Some of us had planned to stop at the 10 time stop.  Jill mapped the run wrong on MapMyRun or something so the relieve vehicle at 5 miles was really at 4.3 and then the car at 10 was really at 8.37.  I debated going to run the full 15 since I didn't get a full 10 in but decided not to aggrivate my hip and knee more.  I'm really fed up with my hip and knee. If one doesn't hurt the other one does.

The downtown route was hillier this time around than last time.

When we started we said we'd run a 9:30 pace. We didn't do that.  The 2nd half we didn't have people in front of us telling us where to go so at each corner we'd turn around asking which way to go so that slowed up the time on the garmin a few times.

This was my longest run since Just a Short Run. But my second longest run was only 3.63 miles. I'm not marathon training like I should at all.  I  think I got too confident with my recent races and now I think the marathon will not go well.

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