Saturday, April 28, 2012


In 10 days I get to see these actual photos and many more.  I can't wait.
My 10th grade Christmas Dance got another wear out of it.
BTW I'm barefoot here. My feet still feel weird from being barefoot so much today. Those are houses on water. I remember those from my last vacation to Erie in 1995 (or I remember them from a vacation there before that.)

That's Paul from Paul Meyer Photography {warning site plays music} taking the photos. I have been distracted by his blog. The recent engagement photos are amazing.


  1. I think it's worth mentioning that these were taken out of a dirty car window. ;) Because they are going to be amazing when we see the real pictures!!! I can't wait.

    1. I wrote it before I went to bed so kept it short but did think of mentioning that. I almost put a pic of you up but since I didn't get to talk to you first, I did not.