Thursday, May 10, 2012


This is the outfit I wore on August 13, 2009 (I remembered the month and day but had to look up the year) and then on my birthday my brother gave me the necklace and told me it'd match this outfit.
Skirt & Shirt: Express
Shoes: Mudd (Kohl's)
Necklace: Gifted but the box it came in said JCPenney and I doubt my brother had a box from another place lying around.
Sometimes I wonder how I'm standing out there taking my picture because look at that one on the right. What was I even up to?
The first time I wore this shirt, I made it all the way until 6pm when someone was eating dinner at my house and noticed the XS sticker right on my chest.
I worked. The day flew by. I almost didn't eat lunch. I wasn't hungry. But I had a meeting starting at 1:30 and going to 3 so I knew I'd be hungry when it was done.  It lasted until roughly 4:00.   At a meeting in the morning I got questioned why I'm still in the group I'm in. They were shocked that I work so many hours and don't get any overtime. It kind of upsets me when I hear about so many other people get to charge overtime when they work it and almost every hour. I hate how it is so inconsistent at work.  I hate unfairness. I have been known to complain when things are unfair in my own favor. (I have also been known to rectify the situation when I'm getting the favorable outcome.  I just don't know how to rectify this so it makes it even harder.)

Shortly after 4;30  I left to go run at North Boundary Park. It was very hot out. That made the run so hard.   I ran 2 loops, Jen showed up, then we ran 1 more.  We stood there talking but I started to get lightheaded so I headed out.

I picked up Jersey Mike's on the way home.  The tuna hoagie was quite delicious.

We watched Gray's Anatomy, 2 episodes of Game of Thrones, and then Rachel Maddow. I was ready to fall asleep by 9pm.
I did get my pictures and the rights to the ones Paul took on Friday. I can't believe I didn't analyze them. I put them on picasa but didn't look further.     PS Where's my neck? It was so cold that I accidentally made my shoulders go up to my face. Oh well. I did that a lot all day so it wasn't like Paul could use other pictures where my form was better. Sigh.  Maybe some day I'll get other pictures taken and I'll have tips I remembered from past pictures.

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  1. It was from JCPenney. Everything's from JCPenney.