Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I woke up numerous times in the night having nightmares about Toastmasters.  I'm "timer" on Thursday. I've even been timer before.

I woke up exhausted so I hit snooze a few times.

I started working around 7:20.  I was going to run before 9am. Then I decided I was too fatigued to do it.

I worked pretty solid. I had a meeting a noon. As soon as that was over I got a phone call back from a VP so then I had to make a follow-up call to that. At 1:10 PM I finally ran downstairs to make a sandwich for lunch. We had 2 almost finished loaves of bread so I was able to get 1 slice from each and have a sandwich.

Then it was back to work. I worked until 7PM. I work too long when I telecommute.  At 6:45 PM, I realized I missed Body Pump at 6pm.   I only finally stopped working when my headache got annoying.

Poly got a new crate type thing for travel. Dave tried her out in it. She was not happy.
Dave and I were going to go to North Park but it was too hot. So instead we went to Aviva.  After Aviva Dave mentioned going to the Track. I suggested Yum. We ended up going to Yum for ice cream.   Then we went to Giant Eagle.

We got home and watched Rachel Maddow.

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  1. I have the same crate for my cat. It's really nice. (Even if the cats don't like it.)