Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Skirt & Shirt: F21
Shoes: Macy's (Jessica Simpson)
Necklace: Target

The neighbors were getting a delivery but I still took my picture out there.  I tried some settings to get the blurry background. It kind of worked before I cropped the pictures. I need to read up on camera settings better.
At lunch, we're eating in the cafeteria and next thing we see is the Pirate Parrot. There's a baseball game coming up so they bring the the parrot to sell the tickets. I didn't know when that'd happen though so it was just shocking to look over and just see him.
I found a paper at work for how I used to document how many hours I Worked. I'd also document my exercise that way.  This was over 3 years ago. I wonder when I stopped doing it.  I totally forgot about it. I feel like I should start it up again.

I had leftover cold meatball panini. First of all, I don't eat anything cold but pizza but I guess now I do. Also I only like meatballs from Aviva. I haven't had meatballs since I was little besides Aviva recently and then Aviva many more.

I call my iPad my Solitaire Machine. Now even when I'm about to use it for other reasons I call it my Solitaire Machine.  I really do like to play Solitaire on it at night. Ever since I started to play it now I don't read Twitter in bed so I don't really read Twitter at all anymore.

Color Blocking | Everybody, Everywear
(I'm about a billion years behind on posting so I went with this old one.)


  1. Do you use a Solitaire app? If so, what is it?

    1. Just the standard free app. I searched Solitaire then looked at the top 6 or so because that's what shows up on the screen. Then I looked at Free then I picked one with a decent number of total reviews.