Thursday, May 3, 2012


Dave woke up at 5:30 am again.  I debated doing a race but decided against it.
We went to Pier 39 for breakfast.   Then took a 2 hour tour of San Francisco. I loved it.  (Sorry for all the pictures in a row. They just all deal with this very short paragraph.)
I went on the Golden Gate Bridge. It was too scary. I ditched Dave and scurried off it. Dave took pictures of me sneaking off.  I didn't think he saw me but he did.
We had lunch at a weird cafe. Weird as in fancy.  It is so odd how people just eat outside in SF when it is chilly.

It was time to head back to the hotel then head to the airport. The BART took forever.  We got seats in the last row. We thought it was good they were beside each other but it was awful.  There was no leg room and with seats in the last row you can't recline at all.

I probably napped for 30 min on the flight and played solitaire the rest of the time.

We landed at 12:30 and headed down to the tram. That's when I realized I forgot my purse under the seat on the plan. I ran back up the escalator and down the hallway. I got to the gate but things were locked.  Some lady saw me and thought I forgot the bag she was carrying.  But that one wasn't mine. She went to unlock the doors to get my back.  I wasn't allowed back there because the crew was already gone. Some guy showed up in a vest and went and got my purse for me.  I got my purse back!  It was very stressful. At least I ran back. If I didn't I think I would have missed everyone.

Then we're headed out and the display on the car froze. We pull off and try to fix it. Google research says we have to pull the fuse. Oh how exciting.
We got home and Poly was sure excited to see us.

I ended up going to sleep around 2:30 AM.

There are many more pictures. Check them out on my picasa.


  1. Is that the Full House "house" in that picture? If so, that is awesome, lol. I love that show.

    1. That's the park from the opening.
      I went to the actual house 4 times before. I think most were before I blogged daily but shows me on the front steps but since it was dark we didn't take a picture of the entire house. The first time I went I walked 55 minutes from my hotel just to get a picture of the house. I was alone so I didn't get a picture of me in front of the house.

    2. Oh man that is amazing!!! Do people actually live in the house or is it just for show? I wonder how much it costs to live there. It probably isn't the same on the inside as it was on TV though. In fact I'm willing to guess it doesn't look anything like that on the inside.

    3. At first I thought people lived there but over the span of 2 years the same lamp shade was angled on the inside.

      Also on the inside of the house doesn't even make sense for the show. Did you ever notice if they are upstairs they walk up the stairs and immediately have hallway on both sides but if they are in the living room there is the railing at the top of the steps for awhile. Also the fire places don't work out. There were other things. I'm just going by memory here and I was little when I watched it.

      Most houses are messed up on TV shows. Sometimes windows on the outside when they show a front of house don't even match how the windows are on the inside. I think nowadays they probably do a better job with it because of everyone calling out errors on the internet. Now i'm curious to google different shows I watch to find errors.

    4. Yeah I am just curious to know who owns that house now. If I owned it I would host tour groups and let people walk through haha.

    5. I think nobody would do that because the house inside won't be anything like the real house. People live in neighboring houses so I bet that one is vacant because of the constant people out front. When I walked there the first time, I knew I was at the right spot because other people were taking their picture in front of it. Then after I was done, others were waiting to take theirs... constant stream. I wish Full House was still on reruns.