Friday, June 1, 2012


I wore 4 different outfits but forgot to document them until the last one and that was done poorly.

I was so busy working. I worked from home but was still busy. I kept trying to work on doing an Effectiveness Review but new emails kept coming in.

The Realtor was supposed to come at 12 but she was late. She called to warn she was late but Dave doesn't ever notice his phone. I ate lunch super quick after she left.

I worked until 5 when I looked out the window and saw that my dad showed up. I ran downstairs to grab a snack since I was already feeling weak.  We carried the last of my brother's stuff upstairs and then we went down to break down boxes.  We were done around 7. There were so many boxes to break down. The basement looks so much emptier. We have trash too.  Dave was going through boxes and organizing too.  Our garbage can is too full so we have things to put next week or we have things to put in dumpsters.
My dad left at 7:10. I started to eat a snack of cheddar cheese stick and club crackers. I didn't even get to finish before Tyler showed up. He was early and I was glad. I just wish it was 30 seconds later so I could have finished my cheese.  We headed tot he high school to start running the 5k loop.  We ran that at 8:05 pace. Well actually we ran together for 2.5 miles of it then I told Tyler to run ahead. I seemed to be holding him back. He finished 30 seconds before I did.

As soon as I got home with that I got in the shower.  Then we left to got to Brie's to drop off our old kitchen table.  It was moving in the back so I had to hold my arm awkwardly to stop the table from moving around as we drove.  Once we dropped it off we headed to eat dinner.  It was already 9:30 by this point. We headed to Double Wide.  Service was really slow even late at night.  It was pretty crowded too.  We were shocked how crowded it was. We were so tired so we couldn't believe how people were out and about instead of in bed.

We got home and I played Solitaire in bed. I did this until I fell asleep. Usually I put the iPad on the floor but apparently I forgot because when I woke up I realized it was there.  The worst part of it all is that Poly was sleeping so cute beside me for hours and hours and then after I started to get up she moved and I realized she was on my iPad. That isn't nearly as comfortable as the bed. Poor Poly. I apologized to her.

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