Friday, June 1, 2012


Skirt: Limited
Shirt: Kohl's (Junior's department)
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Necklace: Sears
Poly tried to sabotage me. She sat on my clothes so I couldn't get dressed.  (4th picture was after work. Poly was cute.)

I wore short sleeves that showed my bodymedia fit for the first time to work. I figured I have a tan line anyway so why not.   Plus I'm leaving soon. Plus I figured I only had 1 meeting. 
But then my group went out to lunch for the first time ever. Someone asked me about my arm band. I was questioned why I have it. I shrugged and said for the data. Then I went on to tell them about it and how other people use it to loose weight but my love of data is why I have it. My group thinks I'm so weird. 

I disclosed my weight graph, calendar site and how KPIs about my workout goals on my blog. Then they really thought I was weird.   After we got back I emailed them all the site. I'm not sure if anyone looked at it though.   I had to run home to meet with a painter to get an estimate. He will paint Monday. I am so happy. Then I ran to Pep Boys on my way back. I learned why my check engine light is on. Some oxygen sensor code. P0053 was the code if I remember correctly.

After I got back I was super busy.

I spent so much time explaining some of my work to the guy taking over my stuff but then he thought he wouldn't start doing anything until I leave. I think he should start early because he needs to do stuff to try it out while I'm still around to answer questions.

I ran after work with both Jens.  I was a little late.
I talked for a bit after.
I headed home and stopped at Giant Eagle on the way home. I bought Grape propel, bread, and chips. I got home and realized we had chips. Oops.
Then I ate my Chick Fil A salad. That took me over an hour. Then I watched the rest of AGT.

I was about to go right to bed but decided to load my numbers from my run. I did that. I loaded my BodyMedia Fit data. Then I blogged. I didn't even look at the running data. I cannot even believe myself.
My brother sent me pictures of my dad's bruises. He was helping carrying my brothers stuff. I guess he over did it. He's always trying to do too much.  Timmy said the bruises looked even worse in person.


  1. That necklace really pulls the green/red outfit together.

    Also, oww! Those bruises look serious. Are they from where he was holding stuff or are they secondary from some kind of blood clotting issue? Hope he's better by now.

    1. I try to wear my red necklace with a red skirt or red shoes. You wear 2 things red and then it pulls the outfit together more or at least that's what I made up.

      That's from holding stuff but also he's on asprin or something so then he bruises easily or something.