Friday, May 25, 2012


I was going to wake up and go run but I got lazy. So instead I just used my computer and planned a Stampin' Up party.  I never ran later either.  I should have been cleaning my craft room.  Around lunchtime we loaded up the car and took a car full of donations to Goodwill.  We were going to try to sell things on Craigslist but it's the wrong season for desks and tables. They would all sell better in August.
I took some pictures of my desk to sell on Craigslist then realized I should probably take some without Poly on them.
We did sell the electric mower though.

At Goodwill the guy commented that it was the hottest day of the year. The car thermometer said 86 degrees.  I got rid of 14 pairs of shoes and 10 purses.  I also got rid of tons of clothes. I didn't even try them on first. I went by memory.  I feel like I got rid of so many things based on all the hangers I have now but my closet is still packed.  I helped Dave go through some of his closet too.

We went out to lunch after Goodwill and then to Giant Eagle. We didn't have a list so then we still ended up buying no food.
I finally got to some craft room cleaning. I still have a lot (or a little) to do but I just keep not doing it. I need to either remove a desk or remove a table so there is more floor space.
I was on the go all day but didn't exercise at all. I'm turning into a big slacker.

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