Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I telecommuted. I was going to run at 7am. I didn't run until 8:40. (I had to run quicker than normal since I started so late. I set out to run with 8:30 pace but ended with 8:14 pace)
Then I was going to work 2 hours and finish stuff and take my floating holiday.  Well I worked over 9 hours. I'm bad at this game.
We met with one of the people dealing with the move. He inventoried our house.
After work, we cleaned a bit.  Then we met Jason for dinner. Jason didn't even want to go. We wanted to tell him how we're moving. He went but he was pretty miserable until halfway through. At first I got happy thinking it was the company that cheered him up but then Dave brought up that it was probably the alcohol. Ugh.
After we got home we started cleaning. We cleaned forever. I think we stopped at 11:15. We didn't finish the house but decided to wake up early and go in to work a little bit late. After all the cleaning, I was exhausted. But then it was time to start working on my speech. Oh man was I tired. I'd try to make a bulleted list to job my memory of the paragraph or parts of it but then I couldn't remember at all.  I finally went to be after 1 am. Luckily I spent some time a few nights earlier writing the speech so basically I had too many subtopics and just had to pick and choose.

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