Sunday, June 3, 2012


Shirt: Loft (purchased February 2009 and was my favorite shirt for awhile)
Jeans: Express
Purse: Kohl's ($18 and I love it)

Photos taken outside of Double Wide.
We finally carried up the broken down boxes upstairs. They were just sitting on the basement floor for far too long.  We swept the basement.
Then I went and sold my car. I'm sad I didn't take any final pictures of my car. We then took the boxes to the recycle place.  We took Poly with us.  The first Realtor looked at our house to preview it for her out of town clients. Then other people looked at our house.  We were gone during that time.
Dave and I got Wendy's on the way home and ate it while watching Community.  We watched 2 episodes then we both napped.  I set my alarm for 20 minutes but kept resetting that. I napped over an hour.  Then I just sat there for a good 30 minutes in a half asleep state.

I started making collages for my blog. I'm so behind.  After a little bit I went to look up all the results of the NA-YGN runners at the recent 5k.  I took those times and sorted them. Then I looked at race pictures to save all the ones of the people from NA-YGN.  It took a long time because there were so many photos from so many photographers that you had to go through each time frame a few times.
I booted up my work laptop to get the list of 5k teams and ended up talking to Adam for over an hour.  That was nice.

We put one of our Ikea Tables on Craigslist and sold it.  We still have more things to sell.  I don't even know if Dave put everything on Craigslist that we want to sell. He put on a bookshelf but we ended up just donating that to Goodwill to get it out of the house.

We went to Double Wide for dinner.  I ordered ribs.  They were awful.  I can't figure out quite why. But I could barely cut the meet at all. It was not cooked right but also seemed to be fat/meet mixture. I had 3 bites of decent meat.  Bones were going the wrong way too.  The fries were OK but it was not worth $14.  Dave loved his food again though.

When we went in Double Wide they said 30 minute wait and they'd call a cell phone when our table was ready.  They didn't have buzzers. I like the cell phone idea better than the buzzer because we could go out of range.  We headed to Target in that 30 minutes. We bought laundry detergent, raser blades, hair product (for Dave), and a tooth brush. All of those were things we needed.  I wanted to look at purses but I just walked right by them.

I got the peanut butter pie at Double Wide. I wasn't a huge fan but it was OK. It was too chocolatey.  Dave got ice cream after at Dairy Queen since he didn't get dessert at the restaurant.

We got home at 9:30 PM. We keep eating dinner too late anymore.
We got home and watched some TV then went to sleep a little early.

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