Monday, June 11, 2012


I went for a run with Jill's group. But the group was just Jill and me.  We were going to do 10 but I was  a big baby complaining about the heat so we only did a little over 8. A few hundred yards from our car we came across these geese. The babies couldn't get up the sidewalk. Jill coaxed them to a lower part.
The left picture was right after the run.  The right picture was a bit later (after my shower).  Notice my tan line. I can never get a good picture of it. I feel like it is worse in person.   (BTW I have been running 3-4 days a week and haven't even been looking at my data let alone updating my summary excel sheet let alone updating my excel tabs for each specific run. I am so behind. At least all the overall data lately is on Garmin but I don't have documented who I went with, the temperature, how I felt, or whatever else I wanted to write down.)
I have no idea what else I did because that was too long ago but I know it involved TV based on the pictures above. And I know Dave fell asleep while we were watching TV.
Then later or maybe starting at 7pm or so I started watching some TV.  I finished watching One Tree Hill. The series finale made me want to watch all 9 seasons again. I told Dave he should get the series for me. Well it was on Netflix so at 11 PM he came down and showed me how to watch it. I told him not to because I'd be up all night. He did anyway.
Then I watched season 1 until 6:30 AM when I figured I needed to go to sleep.  I had to cover my head under the covers to fall asleep because it was so bright.  I already know what happens in that series and yet the episodes still made me cry all over again.  Good show.  Now I need to find new series as good as One Tree Hill.  I do think the first 5 or 6 seasons were better than the last few.  They all just got too excessively successful. I mean how many group of friends will have an author, NBA player, famous singer, fashion designer who owns her own company, record label owner, and I forget what else.

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